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    Admission Criteria

    Admission at Acharyakulam is based on the availability of seats and the interest and aptitude of the child towards Special Vaidic and Sanskrit Education that would be imparted along with full fledged modern CBSE/NCERT pattern. The students who show Interest, Inclination and Ability to study Special Vaidic and Sanskrit Education would preferably be invited to apply for admission at Acharyakulam

    Admission Rules

    Admission Class: Admission is taken in class Nursery to VIII.

    Eligibility Criteria : Passed or studying in the Class in the year preceding the admission year

    Age : Criteria

    NURSERY 3 years to 4 years (Born between 01-04-2020 & 31-03-2021)
    L.K.G 4 years to 5 years (Born between 01-04-2019 & 31-03-2020)
    U.K.G 5 years to 6 years (Born between 01-04-2018 & 31-03-2019)
    I 6 years to 7 years (Born between 01-04-2017 & 31-03-2018)
    II 7 years to 8 years (Born between 01-04-2016 & 31-03-2017)
    III 8 years to 9 years (Born between 01-04-2015 & 31-03-2016)
    IV 9 years to 10 years (Born between 01-04-2014 & 31-03-2015)
    V 10 years to 11 years (Born between 01-04-2013 & 31-03-2014)
    VI 11 years to 12 years (Born between 01-04-2012 & 31-03-2013)
    VII 12 years to 13 years (Born between 01-04-2011 & 31-03-2012)
    VIII 13 years to 14 years (Born between 01-04-2010 & 31-03-2011)

    Registration Fees Rs. 800/-

    Any deviation would be considered NOT ELIGIBLE for admission even though a candidate may have been invited to apply for Admission. In such cases, Acharyakulam would use its discretion on case-to-case basis to choose ELIGIBLE STUDENTS outside AGE and Standard bracket and its decision would be final & binding on all and NO reason thereof for not choosing would be provided

    List of Documents to be brought at the time of Admission:–

    Parents are required to submit Xerox copy of the following documents along with the admission form duly filled properly. (Overwriting and Cutting form will not be acceptable).

    • Birth Certificate issued by Municipal Corporation of the State Government.
    • Only following Proof of Residence (in the name of the child’s Father or Mother) accepted as Address proof of the Child (No other address proof will be accepted) -Unique Identification Card (Aadhar Card) / Voter ID Card / Post-paid Mobile Bill / Electricity Bill /Passport / Gas connection / Ration Card (having mother and father name along with name of child).
    • If the sibling(s) are studying in the same school, photo copy of the ID card issued by the school office for the Academic Session 2023/24. Only real brother/ sister studying in the school will be considered as sibling.
    • Medical fitness certificate and blood group report certified by medical practitioner of the student is mandatory.
    • In case of applicants with Special Needs, a copy of certificate of Disability from a Medical Officer of Govt. Hospital should be submitted along with the registration form.
    • Appropriate documentation in case of Single Parent (presently running divorce case in the court will not be considered, either widow/widower or divorced would be considered). Appropriate documentation in case of change in the name of mother/ father after marriage, divorce, adoption etc./li>
    • ID proof of Father, Mother, Guardian and Emergency contact person is mandatory.
    • Transfer Certificate (Original) of the previous school.
    • Report Card of the previous school.
    • Two passport size photographs of the child and one photograph of each parents (father, mother and guardian)

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