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Message From Chief Coordinator

Message From Chief Coordinator

India Has Been The Leading Country In The World In Knowledge, Wisdom, Literature, Music, Art And Culture From The Very Beginning.

The advent of modern science and technology along with the blind craze for western philosophy of consumerism has made the man so busy that he doesn’t have time to think of the very purpose of life. As he cannot recognize the very purpose of life he can also not recognize the purpose of education. The purpose of life has become as if to collect more and more wealth and resources to maximize comfort and worldly pleasure. That’s why the purpose of education too has become the preparation to be capable to accomplish that goal. But what is more worrying is that the materialistic view towards life has overpowered spirituality so much so that the basic human values like love, honesty, truthfulness, sympathy, etc. have started withering on the vine.

The inevitable consequences are alarming social evils like rampant corruption, extreme insecurity of women, communal or political terrorism, reckless environmental pollution, outbreak of deadly diseases like cancer, AIDS, etc. At this critical juncture of human civilization, quite naturally, the society at large forces the educationists to introspect on the quality of the human resources they are developing. Educationists too, being the victim of the same social decay, are struggling to change the direction of the wind. Being the greatest revolutionary social thinker and Yoga Guru of twenty first century, Param Pujya Swami Ramdevji and Acharya Balkrishnaji could not ignore the expectation of the society from them. Be it the field of Yoga or Ayurveda, be it the field of Naturopathy or political reforms or indigenous economic development, their initiative in any field has proved beyond doubt that they never believe in ordinary thinking or in ordinary way of working.

Quite expectedly the duo took the revolutionary step in the field of education – a combination of Sanskrit medium traditional gurukul system and English medium modern education – the foundation of a new name in the field of education - ‘ACHARYAKULAM’ .

Here in the ashramik campus of ‘ACHARYAKULAM’ the teachers are expected not to instruct the young minds, “Do what I say, don’t what I do”. Rather they are expected to become the ‘Acharyas’ to teach not just from the books but through their own way of living i.e. ‘acharan’. With this attitude towards their children they are expected to tread in the path of excellence in grooming up: firstly, a good pool of Vaidic intellectuals who will delve deep into the ocean of knowledge stored by our ‘Rishis’ to lead the nation as well as the world in different fields; and secondly, the future children of Bharatmata who, with deep-rooted faith in the values of age old ‘rishi’ tradition and equipped with technology laden modern education, will lead the modern nation in different fields.

Vandana Mehta Chief Coordinator

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