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Mission & Vision

Mission & Vision

Mission :

To groom fully awakened and fully competent souls who will build an awakened, enlightened, developed, family who in re-turn will enhance the physical, mental, intellectual, spiritual, social, economical, political and scientific society that will enrich the nation and then the world.

Objectives Of Acharyakulam :

1. To groom up Vaidic scholars- To prepare proven scholars in Grammar, Philosophy, Upnishad, Veda, Vaidic literature, Vaidic Mathematics, Indian proven history and Raj Dharma etc. and to prepare graduates with the power to give socially, spiritually, economically, scientifically and politically ideal leadership.

2. To prepare leaders of modern Bharata- To prepare intellectuals and national leaders who can set new landmarks in different fields like: Technology, Management, Defence, Administrative Services, Police Services, Medicine, Engineering, Games and Sports, Fine Arts, Music, Drama, Agriculture, Industry, Research, etc.

We will be instilling in the young minds the glory, utility and attraction of both the expectations. Then a child will get prepared according to his/her Karmashaya, Sanskar and Swabhava. Param Pujya Swamiji believes that the possibility of reformation in a child decreases by one percent with every passing year of age. And generally from every aspect, a child becomes enlightened by one percent every year. But with the help of intellectual efforts we can develop this enlightenment physically, intellectually and spiritually by one to ten percent.

Expected behaviour of the members of Acharyakulam family:

1. Knowledge Aspect- To enhance intellectual development of a child is our primary goal.

2. Behaviour Aspect - To ensure that a child remains 100% free from prominent behavioural vices. And being aware of the latent vices, he/she endeavours with full determination and honesty to get rid of the same so that we can take pride in saying, "We at Acharyakulam are following the path of our ancestors." All Acharyas and scholars are expected to have the attitude and values as expected from ideal angels, children of Rishi-Rishikas, Veer-Veeranganas and the greatest children of Bharatmata. We should have a strong morale against unethical conduct. We should have the same hatred against the latent vices like desire, despair, insistence, impulse, reaction, etc. as we have against prominent vices like non-vegetarian diet, malpractices, depravity, violence, addiction, etc. We should not welcome any unethical conduct, though it is true that, our Sanskaras and Karmashaya instilled in our soul from previous lives and our attitude and nature of the present life will stand as the biggest challenges in front of us. However, with awakened conscience, firm determination and enthusiasm and with practice of yoga, devotion and such other methods we can overcome such difficulties and make our evil sanskaras ineffective.

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